Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saratov - Week 16 - "Obedience brings Blessings"

May 4 2015

All is well :) 

This week O was baptized and it was such a special baptism. I have never seen a baptism that was so perfect! I also played "I Know that my Redeemer Lives" by Paul Cardall on the piano. Regardless of the fact that I haven't played piano basically since I left the MTC I was still able to play as if I had practiced all week :) Heavenly Father really helped me, of that I am absolutely certain. 

One of our investigators that we found this cycle has had an ENORMOUS ammount of progress. It was shocking to me on our last lesson. She is understanding the doctrine SO well, compared to our first lesson when I felt like we were getting no where. She love love loves meeting with us and having lessons and understands so well our role here and everytime we ask her, "are you coming to church this week?" she says, "absolutely!" Oh how I love that answer. To me, coming to church is the most important commitment that we give to investigators, and for some reason it is the one that they have the hardest time following through with, so when they do follow through with it it just makes me sooo happy and relieved. It's always a mystery on Sunday of who or who will not come to church.

Once again it was a really great week. We had a lot of lessons and were running from place to place. I honestly feel like there are plenty of missionaries who deserve to be in my shoes and enjoying this part of the vineyard. I know for a fact that there are missionaries who are more obedient and hard working than I am. So why are we experiencing such great success? Every act of obedience brings blessings. To whom that blessing will go or where it will go we have no idea, but we can be certain that the blessings are there. This week while I was praying and pondering and asking questions I had a strong impression come to me that this part of the vineyard is blossoming not only thanks to the prayers and the obedience of ourselves, but of other people's prayers and other people's acts of obedience. 

I really am striving to push out doubts and just act on faith. Something my companion said this morning really hit me. She said that Satan tries to get us to do missionary work the easiest and most comfortable way possible. But the truth is that missionary work is always uncomfortable and will always be hard if we are not exercising faith in Christ. Lately I have really just be pushing to remember all that God has done for us, all the AMAZING blessings that are in this area and I am trying to not let my day to day mood drag me down. 
I realized today that our desires change depending on our mood, so... let's not depend on our moods, let's depend on faith in Christ :) which is constant and unwavering. 

I am doing well as a missionary. I have recently realized that I have actually developed a lot of spiritual progress on my mission, and I am so grateful. Thanks to my mission I have developed a love for reading the scriptures, I have learned HOW to exercise faith in Christ, I now feel a deep need to pray, and at the end of every day I can get on my knees and use the great gift of repentance :) Such small things that have such a big impact on our lives. 

I love my mission. I thank Heavenly Father for the experiences I have gained here every single night. 

Love, Sister Wilson 

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