Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Saratov - Week 12 - "Living as Christ Lived"

April 6, 2015
All is well,

Sorry this letter is going to be a short one. 

My companion got sick this week so being inside, the work has slowed down just a tad here in Solnechney. Which I have never had a sick companion before. But I did all I could to keep myself busy and wow did the time fly! Everything is stamped with our church's address and I did some Russian studies and made lots of tea and lots of calls :) She is feeling much better today though and we're all rested and recuperated so we should be ready to just go full speed this week! 

I am honestly just striving more to follow the spirit. Realizing that if I am getting a good prompting, that I need to follow through with it because its from God. We can ask ourselves, "at the end of the day, will following this prompting make me a better person?" if it produces any sort of spiritual growth and test of faith I am trying to follow through with it. 

We are praying for miracles every single day. Can't leave that out of prayers! This week we really met with some wonderful people. We saw people's hearts changed by the spirit and many of our plans fell through which required us to use our faith and to seek out the Lord's plan for us that day :) it's so interesting that for every day that we live on this earth... every hour we have is meant for something. If we are alive, it means that we have a purpose and that God wants us to go about living as Christ would. It's so amazing to look at the Savior's life. Never a better hero :) never a wasted day and not one regret! For that reason we really can look to the Savior and know what we need to be doing at all times. If you are sad, look to the Savior! If you're bored, look to the Savior. What would he do? All of us who have been baptized have taken upon ourselves the name of Christ, which means that we will try to live as he would. In that regards... I would say that if we have taken upon ourselves by covenant, the name of Christ then we better know him! How can you take upon yourself the name of a company without knowing anything about the product? It's the same with the Savior but even more serious because we've promised God to do so! We have made a covenant. So who is the Savior? For that reason we have God's written word. The scriptures :) read the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon to come to know him, and then ACT. The Book of Mormon is good for nothing unless its teaching get inside of us. Knowledge will not save us if we are not doing anything to live in accordance to that knowledge. So I challenge anyone who reads this to come closer to the Savior. Become saturated in his teachings and then let that knowledge make your life beautiful by seeing the fruit of living a Christlike life. I know that doing so will give you more purpose in your life and you won't feel so much that you are simply going through the motions. Let your life has purpose :) 

We will hear conference next weekend (and we will be listening to it in English of course). But I am so looking forward to that! I was once promised in a blessing that if I ever need any sort of motivation, that if I will look to the words of the prophets then I will be filled. And honestly I know that that is true. I love conference and have a strong testimony of the importance of watching it. You never know what sort of things God wants you to know :) 

Much love, 
Sister Brooklyn Wilson 

Click below for a beautiful video testifying of the life and divinity of our Savior

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