Thursday, May 7, 2015

Saratov - Week 14 - "Finding Joy in the Journey"

Last weeks letter from Brooklyn was only half a letter, kind of got cut off in the middle so we didn't send it out....
Thank you all for your love and support for Brooklyn
Happy Birthday Sister Wilson!

April 20, 2015
All is well!

I have very little time today to write, but I want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes :) its so nice to know that I am loved even when I live so far away from home! I also can't believe I am 20 years old. That seems SO OLD. Oh my gosh I can't believe in 3 years I'll be 23, that's so old. I am totally getting smile lines by my eyes too. The elders in my district got me shaving razors and cat food and said, "now that you're a babooshka, these items will really come in handy" all the grandmothers here have really haneous beards and they all LOVE to feed the stray cats (which there are thousands of them here). Good one elders.... Haha :) They also got me some really good Russian candy. 

I recently took some time to read a talk by President Monson called, "Finding Joy in the Journey" (which my beloved parents sent me in a package) and that's just what I have been trying to do lately :) I will paraphrase the parts of his talk that really stood out to me. 

"Nothing is as constant as change. Time never stands still, it must steadily march on. 
This is our one and only chance at mortal life, or at a mission--here and now. 
If we pile up enough tomorrows, 
we will find that we have collected a lot of empty yesterdays. 
We need to make the most of TODAY, because that is where we are. 
Daydreaming of the past and longing for the future may provide comfort, 
but it will not take place of living in the present. 
What is most important almost always involves the people around us. 
Whatever your circumstance and where ever you are, 
you want to look back to that time and say that you lived happily." 

We need to let the Savior in our lives! Only with faith in Christ can we keep a steady flow of happiness. I know that for myself because being a missionary you can really get lost going through the motions sometimes because we literally do the same types of things every single day. When I get home I am sure that the same thing will happen, but what always makes the biggest difference for me is when I choose to believe in Christ. I choose to acknowledge that my day is known by him and that he knows exactly where I need to be and at what time. When I have faith that Christ will fulfill his promises it makes me just feel so much more peace. Honestly I feel that my nerves are on end a lot in my life, and putting Christ in charge of my life, taking upon myself His name, makes me feel calm and safe. His plan is better :) if we trust that he knows us perfectly (and he does) then we will be able to endure trials more patiently, we will be able to be kind in situations where we might be tempted to lash out in anger. We have to be the ones to choose to put our lives in Christ's hands, no body else can do that for us, he won't force us against our will, but his will is better. 

If you are holding back, give up! Give into the promptings of the Spirit. Fear not to do good :) And you will see the Lord's hand in your life. "No room in the Inn" was not the Savior's last rejection. We too must let him in. 


Sister Brooklyn Wilson 

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