Friday, December 4, 2015

Kazan Week 14 - "The weeks are Flyin!' "

November 16, 2015
All is well :)

I can't believe it's Monday again.... some parts of this week feel like weeks ago, and some parts of this week feel like yesterday. 

There is now a stake in the Russian Samara Mission. So so cool :) President Schwab prayed and worked so hard for it. 

Had splits up in Toliatti this week and dang, even though those sisters are both on their third cycle and their Russian isn't the greatest they were just setting up lessons left and right. Just goes to show that it really is the Lord's work :) Sisters Larsen, Thomas, Neilsen, and Hullinger were all in the MTC together so it was fun for them to actually get out and work together in the field. On Wednesday with Sister Hullinger people were brutal. No one wanted to talk and they really let it show haha, it really filled my heart with love and appreciation and respect for what the sisters are doing in Toliatti. The 5 hour bus ride home was spend sleeping... sister Thomas and I took some motion sickness pills and it really knocked us out. 

We didn't have a lot of time in our area this week so things were a little slower... and we'll be going back up for zone training tomorrow so we're gonna have to rely on God that our area isn't going to fall apart in the next bit. We've worked so hard to get investigators and be working with so many people. 

We did manage to have a good lesson with A though. We called him and he let us come over and this time we dropped by with a different member, G, who is very calm and follows the Spirit and is a really good listener. We learned a lot about him during that lesson. His wife died 16 years ago of cancer and one of his other daughters died recently of cancer as well. He's got one daughter left and I'm sure he's wondered if she's got the cancer in her genes as well. He doesn't believe in the afterlife but we're really focusing on faith with him and he is actually willing to believe. We're taking it slow and just telling him about who God really is. 

I love my mission and I'm grateful to be here in Russia :) 


Sister WIlson 

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