Saturday, December 5, 2015

Kazan Week 15 - "Frosty Russia"

November 23, 2015
All is well :)

Once again I can't believe it's Monday... we had zone conference like 5 days ago and it feels like 2 months ago, but monday feels like it was yesterday.

My last zone conference went well :) There are so many new people... it's weird looking at everyone and realizing that all the people that were more experienced that I are gone, but honestly I really look up to all these young missionaries for sacrificing all they have to be here and to be a servant for the Lord, they're looking at the greatest adventure of their lives :) I had a twenty minute part for the conference and talked about how humility is required in order to have faith. The Spirit really took over and I'm grateful for his help.

On the way home from the conference I was in the worst mood. I couldn't find my tights at the sister's apartment and that was my last pair of tights that weren't shredded. Then our "bus" ended up being a tiny little van thing and we were all crammed inside so my companions sat at the back of the car and I sat at the front by myself (awww poor sister Wilson) but to make everything worse I was sitting under a leak which continued to drip on me throughout the whole ride home. While I sat in my foolish rage I realized in that moment that Heavenly Father was being humorous with me in all reality. Then while sitting in my small little seat looking out the window at all the Russian homes covered with snow I noticed something that caught my eye. It was so cold outside that everytime I breathed on the window within a few seconds a beautiful pattern of frost would form upon it. I've never seen something so beautiful forming so quickly right before my eyes and I was absolutely fascinated by it. That was a tender mercy to Sister Wilson in that moment :) I don't know why, but it made me so grateful and I was able to get over myself and realize that although  everything's not always perfect I can always find beautiful around me.  

Yesterday I finally started sorting through my stuff and giving up clothes and chucking out papers that I don't need anymore or that will just be empty weight coming home. I've even started to write a will to my dear companions... Like inheriting the ability to get out the door on time (which I have never had.... yikes) or inheriting clothes that I actually don't want to get ride of. Coming home from a mission is probably a lot like a missionary going into the MTC, you don't realize how little time you have left, you cannot comprehend it in any sort of way. Yesterday for the third hour of church our branch president thought it would be a good idea to watch "meet the mormons" it was a good idea :) I was in love. I haven't been able to watch anything but "finding faith in Christ" and "the First Vision" for a good while... By the way Russians think that "American Football" looks terrifying. There's only soccer here, and then hockey is their big contact sport. 

Anyway at the end of the movie there's the part where the mother sends her son out on his mission. I looked across the room to a member named Inga whose daughter (named Yana) will soon be leaving on a mission. Poor Inga was just bawling and ran out of the room as soon as the film ended. Then Yana comes over to me and puts her head on my shoulder and we both just started crying... next comes my dear friend Albina who also had tears in her eyes (she could relate to one of the women shown in the movie because she raised a child without a father too). I love these people so much, my best best friends. I'm shocked every day that I can even speak Russian and have relationships with these people that I never would have been able to talk to 2 years ago. 

This weekend we will be having a baptism :) the kids of O (S and P) will finally be getting baptized! We also have a thanksgiving activity on that day. Also the sisters from Penza (sis Wagstaff and Warnick) are coming down for splits this week. I'm so excited to work with them :) It's going to be a good week!

Love you all :) 

Sis. Wilson 

Brooklyn mentioned the movie "Meet The Mormons". For more information or to watch clips Follow THIS LINK

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