Thursday, March 5, 2015

Saratov Week 7 - "I am right where I am supposed to be!"

February 24, 2015 
All is well,

Where do I even start? 

At English group this week I was with Sister Palmer and Sister Chase because I was waiting for sister Coleman to come down to Saratov. At english group I was sitting next to a boy on the very end of the row, R, who knew very little English and asked me to translate much of the time. We were explaining the apostasy and ending up playing telephone to show how things get completely skewed up when truth doesn't come directly from the source of truth. Because I was second to last I had a thought to just change the entire sentence completely... but instead of making up a new sentence I just whispered a bunch of gibberish into R's ear something that didn't make sense in English or in Russian that sounded something like, "selkfjlke sdoi aspoie wex ielk" which he was totally cheating so he wrote it down on paper and then when it was time for him to say it he read it out loud and it made NO sense. I don't think I've laughed so hard in sooo long. Everyone in the room was laughing with us as he continued to say the sentence with his Russian accent which just made it twice as funny. He was a real good sport about it too :) Maybe this isn't even funny... but it was, you had to be there ;) 

At 12:00 that night we went to the train station and picked up my new companion. Oh man. I am with the lovely Sister Coleman :) She has one of the most outstanding personalities that I have ever beheld. She is just a very thoughtful person and so honest and open with me about things. I can't wait to see the miracles that will happen in Solnechney thanks to having such a strong companion here, and she is just ready to WORK. She really understands a few things quite well. And that number one... We are here to baptized people. We do not need to be meeting with people who are just willing to meet with us to talk about religion. Our purpose as missionaries is to do what? Help people to receive the restored gospel, which includes BAPTISM. We should not be meeting with ANYONE just because they are willing to meet. If we give up those people who are willing to meet with us then Heavenly Father will help us to find those who are ready and willing to act on the message. So, we have been clearing out our area a tad and been putting some people away and are going to get out and do some more finding, which will be AMAZING because contacting with Sister Coleman is the best thing ever.

This weekend we will be having a baptism :) F is getting baptized and she is so ready. She will probably be a relief society president someday, I will be honest. She is so giving. Wow if I could describe that woman I would say honest and charitable. And I can honestly say that Sister Coleman and I really haven't done anything to deserve this baptism. Heavenly Father is just very generous and gives because he loves us. 

My prayers are going to be a lot more personal with Heavenly Father... I think I am just realizing how personal my relationship with him is and how personal it is with each individual being here on this earth. Knowing that I talked face to face with God just as Moses did before this life helps me to trust him so much more, it helps me to trust that he also is preparing each one of his children to return to him by stacking up special experiences, and when the time comes each one of them will be ready to accept his plan. 

If anyone is thinking about going on a mission... I would recommend a yes :) It's the best decision I've ever made. I will never regret serving a mission. I would not rather be any where else in the world. 

Love, Sister Wilson 

PS I know that I am in the highest incident mission in the entire mission field, but I have never felt more safe in my life. Especially as sisters. I've rarely felt that I am in danger. 

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