Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week Five from Brooklyn - at the Provo MTC - June 25, 2014

All is well,

 Well this week I walk into the classroom for who we're teaching and it's Sasha. Remember Sasha from last week? I saw him at TRC and he was just this fireball convert? When we walked in the room he just about crushed my hand when shaking it. Sis Palmer and I asked for a prayer and Sasha offered it. The spirit just enveloped the room, I could only catch about 50% of what he said because he's a native... but it was so sincere. As we shared our thought with him and our scripture with him his face just got beat red and he threw his hands up in the air as if the heavens were opening. I was so scared and confused. He said he's read that scripture about 15 times in his life and he's never understood it until now. Why now? don't know. But it was so cool to see his understanding opened. On our feedback report he said, "it's experiences like THIS that bring me back to TRC every single week." Sasha looks so scary and intimidating but he's really just a big teddy bear :)

On Monday we had to go down the the travel office to resign our visa papers... but apparently this happens to most missionaries. So I am not too worried. Just pray we'll get them on time.

Thursday night President Bennett came to see the Russian Elders and Sisters. When we found out everyone started panicking and all the Elders went and changed into suites. We've all heard scary stories about him. But actually meeting him... gosh I hate preconceived notions about people. He is such a kind man, he just cares a lot about obedience. Which is SO good. Because without obedience there are no miracles, and we really need miracles in Russia :)
Sister Palmer really cracks me up sometimes.... Today as a class we watched two of the elders give a lesson to an investigator. Sister Palmer was trying to tell me something in the middle of them teaching, but I didn't want to interrupt them so I told her to write it down on a note. Here's what it said, "Elder Young is writing his pen and it is squeaking at a horrible pitch and it is giving me a headache! Can you hear it too?" I listened for the squeaking and then started laughing so hard... I have no idea how she even heard it. You'd have to have mice ears to hear it. Sister Palmer is so OCD, I get a really good kick out of it. For any movies we watch on the computer with our class, it has to be full screen and the mouse has to be out of the way (she makes sure it's like that everytime without fail) and any unstraight lines on the whiteboard are often corrected by her :) 
Sister Wilson with her district at the Provo LDS Temple

So all of the apostles are here at the MTC because of all the new mission presidents right? Well something kind of funny that happened this week was while my district and I were outside with our teacher (this is near the front of the MTC). On this day we saw a really nice car pulled up on the side of the sidewalk... meaning an apostle was about to come out (they park their cars close to the doors up on the sidewalk) and we saw MTC employees washing all of the windows of the door the apostle would be coming out of. I got a little laugh out of that. It's just amazing to me, these men get treated like celebrities, like kings! It just got me to thinking how ridiculous it even is that we have celebrities. People who are famous for beauty and riches. It's just flat out dumb. Who would be our "celebrities" if everyone were blind? Who would the beautiful people be then? I think the prophet and his apostles may be a little most favored by the world if everyone were blind. We are so set on the THINGS of the world rather than the GOOD we can do in the world. 
I am grateful for the spiritual thoughts and revelation I receive every day. God loves to show me how weak I am... THAT is definitely not easy. Once I feel like I am FINALLY getting it, I slip up again. Thank goodness for the atonement.

--Sister Wilson

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