Monday, November 9, 2015

Kazan Week 9 - "All Things Possible"

October 12, 2015
Sister Tweade and Sister Wilson
All is well :) 

I don't have a ton of time to write today.... (or maybe I have a lack of motivation to write today...) so I'll just give a little update on everything :) 

We had splits this week with Sister Twede and her companion. That was a blast like always and I will always be blown away by Sister Twede's ability to give out Books of Mormon. 

This weekend we will have a zone conference down in Samara with two zones, it's my first combined zone zone conference, so that'd be cool :) I'm so excited to see all my missionary friends. Also Sister McConkie (I don't know how to spell it) the1st counselor in the young women's presidency will be coming down to talk to us.

Well, our new convert, Z came to church on Sunday, which is a miracle because I'm always afraid of new converts being less active after their baptisms. But I'm counting that as a miracle :) Also, we had a branch activity and this African girl came and is from Gauna. She only speaks english and we were able to teach her and give her a Book of Mormon. That night she called us and told us that one of her friends wants to come to conference tomorrow, she said, "but... she's a white chick and she's Russian." I couldn't help but crack up... Then after I hung up the phone I immediately got another call from someone. It was a man and he said that he found one of our church invitations and has a problem with alcohol and really wants to quit and wants to meet. Two calls in a row, back to back even! That was pretty cool :)

A lot of our investigators have stopped answering calls lately or coming to church... which is a bummer, always is. But man am I learning patience from it :)

Conference was great. During it I realized that I am trying to carry all my burdens on my own, without the Lord's help. What a big mistake. Last night when I was all out of energy like I frequently am on Sunday nights... I just stopped and prayed, and asked for strength. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to do much that night, but I know that every effort counts and that Christ's atonement will make up for the things that are impossible to me. Because all things ARE possible through him.


Sister Wilson 

Brooklyn mentioned Sister Carol F. McConkie, a member of the Young Women General Presidency in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The following is a quote from Sister McConkie's recent General Conference talk "Here to Serve a Righteous Cause":

"In the work of salvation, there is no room for comparison, criticism, or condemnation. It is not about age, experience, or public acclaim. This sacred work is about developing a broken heart, a contrite spirit, and a willingness to use our divine gifts and unique talents to do the Lord’s work in His way. It is having the humility to fall on our knees and say, 'O my Father, … not as I will, but as thou wilt.'

In the strength of the Lord, we 'can do all things.' We continually seek His guidance in prayer, in the scriptures, and in the whisperings of the Holy Ghost." 

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