Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bezi - Week 8 - "Do You Want Freedom?"

July 6, 2015
All is well,

This week has had suuuper nice weather, it's been quite the blessing walking around in cooler weather rather than sweating to death every day :) 

We have still be struggling to find investigators on our own, but God is hearing our prayers and this week a member called us and informed us that she had set up a meeting for us to meet one of her friends. The meeting went a little late and the member missed her bus home, so she ended up staying at the friend's house, but that ended up being a miracle, because the friend ended up coming to church with the member the next day :) I am not sure she would have made it to church without that happening. 

On a mission I feel like I go through ruts where I have an incredible boost of power and so much hope and faith, and there are other moments where you feel a little hopeless. This week... every morning I felt so groggy and had such a sour mood! My companion is an angel and has sooo much patience with me (if there's a difficult companion in this companionship its definitely me). However, what is interesting to me is that no matter how our day starts, if we choose to keep our covenants and to lift those around us, and to lighten the burdens of others... then we will always go to sleep with a smile on our face. And that's honestly what happened probably every day this week. Our burdens are lightened when we lighten the burdens of others.  Everytime when I have such sour moods, and I get on my knees and beg for more hope, as long as I get up and work to see those prayers fulfilled, God will always deliver. 

One morning when I was having one of the awful moods we had the opportunity to go a baptism. I feel like I was turned into a completely different person by the time the baptismal service was over. I remembered my own covenants and that God has promised to deliver us if we will keep his commandments and take Christ's name upon ourselves. I know that Christ has made deliverance possible for us. We can try to deliver ourselves, but our attempts will never be successful, we will only make the hole around us deeper. Don't try to be free without his help. In the scriptures it says that "ye can be made free by no other head." Do you want freedom? Do you want hope? Take Christ's name upon you. There is no one more free than Christ is. There is no one who is more joyful that Christ is. 

Without Christ the whole course of our life is changed. We are broken, and our smoothe places become rough. our great and noble deeds sink, we fall, and with that fall we not only damage ourselves, but all around us. Our purpose and identity is deformed without Jesus Christ. I am so so grateful for my covenants, which, if I keep, bind me to Christ. Who doesn't want to be bound to the Savior?

I know that in any situation, if I will just look to the Savior all will be well. Remember your baptismal covenants and take upon yourself Christ's name. Do what he would do.

I love my mission, I loooove love love my Russian companion so much, I cannot say
enough good things about her. I am good and happy :) 

Sister Wilson 

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