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Samara - Week 18 - "I'm grateful for a prophet"

December 1, 2014
All is well,

This is gonna be a really short letter! Sorry but today is going to be a crazy p-day :) got lots of errands to run!

This week we set TWO baptismal dates. WOW, and they are people that we have only recently been meeting with. One of them is L. While Sister Martinez and I were contacting this week we were getting into a really good conversation with a woman, then all of a sudden another woman came up and starting asking about who we were and what our books were about and we really thought it was a miracle that she was interested! Then to our disappointment I began to catch a familiar scent on her breath... yeah she was drunk. And the spirit totally left as she broke out into a broadway reinactment in front of us, singing at the top of her lungs. The first woman we were talking with excused herself and we tried to slowly break away from the drunk woman. We gave her a Book of Mormon and exchanged contact/telephone numbers and it seems to me that actually God delivered into our hands. Because we called her the next day, she was completely normal, and still wanted to meet with us. She's got A LOT of changes coming here way but it's going to make her life so sweet. Her name is L and she agreed to be baptized :) 

Also during church yesterday... I usually write down words that I can't understand, and then at night time I sit down and translate all of them. During sacrament meeting yesterday a member was talking to another member, one of them said that she's been feeling a little sick lately, and the other, who is an old grandmother replied to her and I guess said something offensive because the woman went running out of the room crying.... I got home and translated what the Grandmother said to make the member cry and she said, "Well maybe if you wouldn't gorge yourself with food all the time you wouldn't be so sick all the time!" Yikes... Sometimes Russians can be pretty brutal. 

First Presidency of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Meeting with a few of our investigators this week I just want to testify about how blessed we are that we have a living prophet. Some people really get confused by the scriptures and can't translate them correctly at all. Thanks to modern day prophets we don't have to read the scriptures and be completely confused all the time :) People who think that you LITERALLY have to be baptized 3 times by water, the spirit, and fire... people who don't understand that you have to have priesthood to do LIFE SAVING ordinances (for example I cannot baptize my companion!) I am grateful for prophets, otherwise we really would be tossed in the wind, wandering from one doctrine to another.

"Be Not Afraid" by Greg Olsen

I am grateful for my Savior and Redeemer. Sometimes I feel like I've dug myself a hole out here but time and time again my Redeemer has thrown a rope down into the pit and helps me out :) I have a testimony that if you do things that would make the Lord happy, it will make you happy :) I am so grateful for all the Lord has given to me, and because I have been given much I too must give. Therefore, I am in Russia.

Sorry this is so short! Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving :)

Sister Wilson

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