Saturday, December 13, 2014

Samara - Week 13 - "When plans fall through"

October 20, 2014

All is well :)

Oh my goodness... you would not believe the miracles we had this week. I think I went to bed every single night this week with butterflies in my stomach, I was just so happy with each day, something miraculous has happened every day in this companionship. I love my companion so much, she is my best friend. So so sweet, and I trust her so much. I can't believe how much unity I have with my companion. We are pushing ourselves so hard and building each other up. We complement each other so well, things are going very well in this companionship to say the least. She is a tiny little Mexican girl, she has a very soft voice and seems super shy, but she loves to laugh. She just gives me so much courage, we are a perfect little happy companionship right now :)

Man, this was a crazy week. Our visa trip- it was SOOO good to see every one from the MTC, I was just so happy to see everyone and see how everyone is doing. I can't believe how much everyone has grown, it language, in maturity (haha) and it was also good to see Sister Palmer :) However, the actually visa trip got a little mixed up. One of the sister's visas didn't renew until the day AFTER our flight was set for. My companion ended up having to stay with her. Which means I got to spend a day working on the streets with Sister Palmer in Samara. We actually got permission and went to one of the senior couple's apartments and watched women's conference and priesthood, which was AMAZING. Not to mention their apartment is so nice... wow. I felt like I was at home, there's even a cute little fire place. They also fed us hot chocolate and ginger snaps. I wish we had a senior couple in Balakovo. 

Okay, now for the miralces. Or things that made me happy this week :)

One night this week all of our plans fell through, and isn't it so interesting how when our plans get scattered that's when I see God picking up all the scattered pieces and he puts HIS plan into action. One of the miracles was when Sister Martinez and I were on the bus. It was very crowded, my companion and I were sitting across the isle from each other and our member help was in between us in the "hall/isle" of the bus. I was very into my conversation with T, whose entire family got in a car crash a year ago, her husband and grand children were killed in the wreck. My heart was torn as I looked at the expression of grief on her face, I testified that God loves her and he doesn't want her to be sad, he wants her to turn to him and rely on him. Our member looked at me and told me that our bus stop was next. I wanted to get her number so we could explain the Plan of Salvation another day with her, but she couldn't write her number down fast enough! We got to the stop and I panicked a little bit, then the member told me that actually our stop was next. I breathed a sigh of relief and was able to write down her number. When we got off the bus I learned that my companion was also trying to write down the number of the person she was sitting next to, but still wasn't done writing it down as we pulled up to the bus stop. The member, standing between the two of us saw that we needed more time and had us ride one more bus stop so we could get their numbers. It was just so interesting to know that my companion was experiencing the same thing that I was sitting across from me. That was a miracle having the member there helping us watching us. 

Another night all of our plans once again fell through. Sister Martinez, the member, and I all prayed that we would still be able to see miracles that night. We decided to have a lesson with one of our long time investigators (she's been investigating a whole year now). We were a little bit hestitant on going by because we had no lesson planned for her, we knew we'd be relying on the spirit very heavily for that lesson. When we walked in, our investigator Sv had us sit down and she told us, "look at what I opened up to the other day." It was a scripture about baptism :) She said that she feels like she is getting closer and closer to baptism. Right then and there I testified that she is ready for baptism NOW, and then my companion invited her to be baptized on the 8th of November. I do believe that we had to push that question at least 5 more times, and then I had the thought to get on our knees with her right then, but some time passed while she was talking and it didn't feel right anymore to all pray together. However, I remembered that anything that says NOT to pray is from the devil. I raised my voice and said, "Sv, let's all pray about this together right here, on our knees." Reluctantly, she agreed, and we all got down on our knees before God. She offered such a sincere prayer, saying that she's been waiting and studying and praying for an answer, and that she knows he will give her one, and that she knows that he loves her. When we finished praying I asked Sv what she was feeling, and she said, "peace." My companion then testified that what she was feeling was from the Holy Ghost. Sv agreed to prepare for baptism on the 8th of November. However, when we were heading out the door she asked, "what if I want to be baptized later.... or even earlier?" we told her that we will pray about it with her together, and that her baptismal date can be adjusted if needed. 

The next day Sv came to church and announced to us that she wants to be baptized THIS Saturday. We were shocked! She said that she is getting this feeling like she can't wait until Nov. 8th. She keeps saying the thought keeps returning to her mind, "you are running out of time." She doesn't want to procrastinate anymore :) She doesn't know what that answer means exactly, whether it means that her life is literally going to be cut short, or if it's that she needs to get started on temple work for her family, or if it means that it's time for her to be baptized so she can start sharing the gospel with her family. For one reason or another she can't wait. This is a MIRACLE, we've been working with Sv for so long, and have put so much effort into teaching her and loving her. The time is now :) Russia is the new Brazil! It has been promised by general authories, the baptisms will be not doubling, not trippling, but will be increased by TEN. 

Get ready for some new miracles next week :) 

Sister Brooklyn Wilson 

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