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Samara - Week Eight - "There are no coincidences!"

Will YOU accept our invitation?
September 15, 2014
All is well,

Know what is so interesting? The mysteries of the Lord. Many times people think of these "mysteries" as things that no body else knows, some special kind of secret. But I think mysteries of the Lord are just that, things that no body else knows, they are things WE never saw coming, but that were revealed to us because we acted in faith. My companion and I often prepare very carefully for lessons with our investigators or meetings with members. However, I have found that time and time again we don't even use the prepared material for them, we actually end up sharing it with someone completely different. For example my companion and I had prepared a lesson about the sacrament for a member who feels they are not worthy to take the sacrament, but our meeting fell through with them. Then, on Sunday we had an investigator walk out of sacrament meeting because she was terribly offended by something that someone said about the sacrament and that its not important for her because she hasn't been baptized. We ended up dropping by her apartment that night and explained the sacrament and we were able to iron out problems and give her peace of mind on the subject. I love that God can see the future and give us revelation :) We didn't know that this would happen, but he surely did!

Like I said before, the mysteries of the Lord are brought by faith, actually I am pretty sure that mysteries and miracles are borderline the same :) I am so impressed with how aware of us God is. One thing that has especially been bringing me to awe is the Lord's timing. The other day my companion and I were hoping to visit a potential investigator, "Ye.," no body has really been able to get a hold of her in a couple years by telephone, so we decided we would come to her home. First of all, we couldn't find where the correct entrance was, then we had to ask around to figure out which floor she was on. No body knew, so we got on the elevator and exited on about 4 different floors before we found hers. We knocked on her door and waited and waited, sadly... no body answered. We walked back to the elevator and a mother walked out of the elevator with a stroller, and behind her was a woman. The woman's hair looked like a volcano, lava red hair :) pretty much she looked like a diva. I decided that it would be worth a shot to ask her if she knew Ye.. She looked at us ... smiled and said, "that's me!" She ended up letting us into her house and we found out that she's actually not a potential investigator, she is a FORMER investigator. She met with the missionaries about 10 years ago and has been taught all the lessons, however, she remembers almost nothing. We will be dropping by her again soon. Why did I go through all the trouble explaining that? Because God's timing is PERFECT. If we had not dropped by 5 floors or gotten lost a couple times we never would have ran into her. We often go through times in our life wondering WHY is this happening to me?! But knowing that God is perfect, we can have peace, knowing that looking back someday we will be able to see the big picture.

Now I have an invitation to you all. The other day I was having a difficult time contacting... I could not shake my fear and (unfortunately) my laziness. So I came home and wrote this list :) 

Why not?
1. Christ died and rose from the grave. Because of his resurrection, because of his atonement you have NOTHING to be afraid of!

2. By talking to people your language is promised to improve

3. What do you lose by opening your mouth? Nothing. You lose energy? It's energy given  from God.

4. To bless your own family and those at home. Say, "I'll talk to this woman for my dad!"

5. To bless yourself with pace of mind. Go out knowing you WILL share the gospel, not hoping that you won't have it. 

6. The gospel is THE GOOD NEWS, you aren't sharing bad news with anyone :)

7. Because this mission needs baptisms. Do it for your friends, for the missionaries here, for your president, for the mission goal. Because you contribute to the mission goal.

8. Do it because you love God and you care about what he cares about.

9. Our desire to do (ironically) grows as we DO.

10. What is the worst that will happen? Someone may not be friendly or want to speak with you. Big whoop :)

11. You've seen too many miraculous things from OPENING your mouth to stop! Continue! more miracles will comes. Exercise faith in Christ, he rose from the dead! Do you not realize that he can do all? Miracles cease because of disbelief or doubt, which causes us to with hold our deeds of faith.

12. Talk to all you can so that you will get used to rejection, so you will become used to the fear.

13. Perfect love casteth out fear. You don't care what will happen, you love this person so much that you'll risk it all to save them!

14. Rejection hurts your ego. A damaged ego=humility. Humility=more susceptible to the help of God. 

15. The Message is true, the book is blue :)

16. The elect will be ready, all your need to do is open your mouth.

Okay now you all know the things I am struggling with, and I realize a lot of that doesn't pertain to you. But I know A LOT of it does. Please consider talking next to that girl next to you in your class who looks like a scary emo and would never want to talk about the gospel. NEVER assume somebody doesn't want the gospel because of how they look. Can we all just throw a little bit of fear out the window this week and sincerely share the good news with someone this week? Search for someone. It is likely that there is someone who needs to be searched for :)

I love being here. I have never been more stretched and uncomfortable in literally every single way possible in my life. But I love it :)

Be good everyone!
Love, Sister Wilson 

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